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At The Sign of the Bush - By Aileen Tucker

Village taverns were rather rough and ready places, serving ale brewed on the premises and simple food, they catered for the local trade, peasant farmers, village craftsmen and the occasional traveller, who was usually welcomed for the news he bought of what was going on in the area around, and the wider world.

Sparsely furnished with benches and one large table, there was always ‘a goodly fire’ and cheerful gossip.  

The food served was not complicated, stews of both meat and fish, cheese, bread and maybe some local fruit such as apples.  Anyone wanting to spend the night had to bed down where he could, using his own pack as a pillow and his cloak as a blanket, therefore  places near the fire were much prized.

If the ale and the food were good, the landlord could be assured of a steady clientele and a cheerful atmosphere, where dice and card games prevailed.